Searching for a Father

A Ramadan prayer guide by

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Firas was about 18 years old, but he seemed to bear the weight of many more years—perhaps because of the hard road he had traveled from Syria. ― Chapter 2, Ramadan Begins
The irony struck Firas. Ramadan was supposed to be all about strict fasting from food and drink during daylight hours, and yet after sunset, people almost seemed to treat feasting as more important than the fast itself. ― Chapter 4, No Customers, No Pay
“At least I am reading the Qur’an,” she comforted herself. Reading the Qur’an was especially virtuous during Ramadan, and those who completed the whole book were promised great blessings from God. ― Chapter 8, A Temporary Exemption
“The fasting, the hard work—God, I feel like I’m beating the surface of a bottomless sea with my arms and legs, just to keep from drowning.” ― Chapter 9, The Night of Power
About the Prayer Guide

Searching for a Father offers you an inside look into a Muslim family while equipping you to pray with power and confidence.

But it’s more than a prayer guide. It’s a story that draws a human portrait of the experiences and challenges many Muslims encounter, as seen through the eyes of Firas and his family—characters who, in many ways, represent Muslims everywhere.

Short chapters, delivered every couple of days, offer intimate glimpses into Islamic traditions, poignant questions of faith with which many Muslims wrestle, and ways to pray strategically.